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Is Kindness A Gift From God? World AIDS Day is on the 1 December Each Year and there is not much kindness on display.

There is plenty of passive aggressive grandstanding by the political parasite class and public displays of faux friendship by the left wing factions, who all hate each others guts, but need the “kissy kissy muah muah photographs for the media “which is WAAC’s real funding application, to maintain the snouts in the gravy train.

The function of World AIDS Day in Perth is that the AIDS Industry uses it’s catering power to create a public spectacle of everything is lovely that papers over the serious malfeasance in public office that is the result of their failure to deliver  the WA HIV Strategy.

“Given that People suffering from AIDS are disabled it is a smack in the fact to all people with disabilities to have the Minister for Health bless an event that has no grassroots voices represented or no space for HIV+ People”.


Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed Senior Sister and Media Annuncio for the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 

Sister Mary-Jane is also on record as saying she thinks “NAPWHA  should be closed down and WAAC’s Grooming Programs defunded too before another generation of gay rapists is unleashed on the community”.

They all stand there an say nothing while the only voices and images on the screens are those of unknown strangers from over east and over seas and the People who Speak on behalf of HIV+ People always seem to be employees of the WA AIDS Council. Isn’t this like Pfizer calling themselves advocates of Women’s Health? #DailyClout #PfizerFiles

If those in Power cared about People with AIDS it would be a breach of funding NOT to have a Space for Positive People at Major events like World AIDS Day. In the same way the AIDS council Should have had their funding cancelled long ago for the Board’s refusal to over rule Management’s refusal to provide a coffee and a dry biscuit for the ageing tired remnant who still choose to attend the AIDS Vigil in Wintery May.

Decide for yourself, how many laws are being breached everyday by WAAC? Check out this guide to the Law published by the WA State Government!  https://fagmedia.online/health-policy/legislation-and-disability-in-australia-by-the-wa-state-government

It is clear that the AIDS Industry’s Censorship Culture & Toxic Bullying of anyone who does not comply with the Mussolinis & their Woke Lunacy, has created a community of inverted public standards designed around grooming pathways, in which the few inbred Imperialists dominate, the many in a “Peyton Place” neo feudal structure. 

On top of their erasure of the voices of real HIV+ People, there is a culture of funding in which the AIDS Council is allowed to refuse to provide Mentor Programs, Buddy Programs, Employment Support, Peer to Peer Support, Treatments Advice, or employ even 1 heterosexual male while egregiously refusing to acknowledge, support or refer for support, HIV+ males who are victims of domestic, family and sexual violence, (or do anything at all!) and still call themselves the Peak body representing HIV+ People in WA.

It is time there was a Royal Commission into the NGO System. The Health Consumer’s Council of WA seems to have morphed from patient protection to preventing liability claims made health workers in hospital and health sector. The voluntary nature of the complaints mechanisms are undermining democracy in WA so it is time the Productivity Commission examined AIDS while a Royal Commission to focus on the abuse of patients in the health industry should be run to protect our democracy and restore confidence in the #WALabor led & failing health industry.


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By faghealth

The HIV Consumer Alliance of Western Australia is a Peer to Peer based Independent Non-Aligned Research Hub providing Information & Educational Materials for Health People Living with HIV/AIDS in WA. FagHealth is paid for by James Rendell for Fagmedia on behalf of the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA. Fagmedia is an Independent Media Organisation in Western Australia established in 2001. Fagmedia.org

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