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People who Abuse the Disabled, Elderly, Children and Animals are Sick. They have a PsychoPathology that makes them best isolated from polite society and they should never be allowed anywhere near the health care industry.

It’s not Rocket Science for Dummies. & it is time for Ordinary Men and Women to start saying no to the purveyors of cruelty who are undermining our democracy & our rights based health care. It is time to remove the culture of bullying in the medical industry.

It is way past the time for the Government to adopt a zero tolerance towards harm to people in health care settings in order to restore trust in the shattered system. Health workers who breach duty of care, take advantage of or harm people thee are charged to serve such as, vulnerable people, need to be personally liable for the harm they have done, and they must go straight to jail.

#Fagmedia on Rumble’s Video Series “Principles of Grooming” to End the Gay Rape Culture!

This is the first of a Video Series “Principles of Grooming” in which we link Trans Violence to the Grooming Culture & it’s place in the Marxist program to use chaos to destroy Freedom in the whole world.

Principles of Grooming Two Are You A Groomer? is a reading with our special commentary of “Are You A Groomer? 9 Things To Look For” from: https://babylonbee.com/news/are-you-a-groomer-9-things-to-look-for So more warning signs of what to keep an eye out for to keep children safe from Grooming Gangs aka School Teachers!

For more information watch the video and/or go to the websites fagmedla.online or fagmedia.org

“To the petty gas lighters who are the “everything is lovely” “deceivers of the public”, #Fagmedia is paying for this website ergo so #Fagmedia can have a link on the bloody website.


Community based Mind Controllers and other people who have blood on their hands should be focused on preventing the bullying by “Health Workers” that is the number one cause of suicide in the HIV, LGBT & Trans “Communities”.


Stopping the #Groomers, who through the systematic undermining informed consent, have created the rape culture that underpins the HIV, LGB & Trans Domestic Violence Crisis” needs to #HAPAN now!” 


James Rendell, former Chairperson, People Living with HIV/AIDS WA Inc.


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The HIV Consumer Alliance of Western Australia is a Peer to Peer based Independent Non-Aligned Research Hub providing Information & Educational Materials for Health People Living with HIV/AIDS in WA. FagHealth is paid for by James Rendell for Fagmedia on behalf of the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA. Fagmedia is an Independent Media Organisation in Western Australia established in 2001. Fagmedia.org

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