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Why do they need special gov funding to open up Photoshop & Type Prevention Messages?

Because the Health Care Systems are all designed around tick a box evaluations, no transparency & no accountability & No Statutory Complaints Authority to Protect Patients from Harm from Health Workers, so the SYSTEM itself is a Beast that Rewards Nepotism, Corruption & Mediocrity in Health Care service Delivery, Management & Staff Recruitment.

The responsibility for the failure of the AIDS Industry to deliver for HIV+ people remains fairly and squarely the fault of political operatives and the political parties whose branch stacking, bullying & politicised access to services has always been the cancer that has been the leading cause of all suicides by LGB, HIV & HIV+ People in Western Australia.


Above: It is a stain on the reputation of everyone in the LGB, HIV & Trans Community that the WA AIDS Council refuses to establishing a safe pathway to help HIV+ Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence leave harmful situations. Counselling people to make them stay in abusive situations because it is convenient for AIDS Services delivery is wrong and is itself an abuse that Managers should not allow to hapan.

The services that are provided or are not provided are proof that the system is designed around building dependency and disempowering clients. Buddy Programs and Mentoring Programs build independence and create connections with the community. The PLWHA Forum and People Living with HIV/AIDS WA Inc have for many years been calling for the WA AIDS Council to include quality of life functions in their service design but these requests have clearly been rejected by the Party Operatives who are in charge of the collapsing empire! 

Case Management functions as a trauma based mind control strategy that is an interview with a “Police Officer” every fortnight. The Power balance is firmly placed in the hands of the Agency and there is no requirement to do anything other than talk to improve the situation or change anything. The technique is based around cementing the client into a trauma loop using a hypnotic good/bad cop routine that establishes the negative pathways that are the basis of the Stockholm Syndrome without which the Case Management is ineffective.

One on One Case Management is well known as a mind control device that is designed about demoralisation and any agency that puts forward this mono-abuse-therapy should not be funded to help Positive people nor should families allow their loved ones to have contact with trauma based systems that do nothing to improve health and increase wellbeing. 

This website is provided by Fagmedia to provide a small help because we know people are trapped in terrible situations and it is time that toxic, lazy health promotion aka #Groomer agencies were called out for their ineffective do nothing cultures.

We have a list of names of the dead from neglect and it is our hope that we might inspire a grassroots led recovery that can only come from the wholesale dismantling and merger of the BBV & STI sector.


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By faghealth

The HIV Consumer Alliance of Western Australia is a Peer to Peer based Independent Non-Aligned Research Hub providing Information & Educational Materials for Health People Living with HIV/AIDS in WA. FagHealth is paid for by James Rendell for Fagmedia on behalf of the HIV Consumer Alliance of WA. Fagmedia is an Independent Media Organisation in Western Australia established in 2001. Fagmedia.org

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